I love Texas! I grew up in small-town Pflugerville. If you know Pflugerville now, just imagine it when its population about 300! In my life working at a sheriff’s office and bank, my one passion has always been to help people! I used to help people who may have been struggling or were making a very important, big decision (like buying a home) and I get a charge out of helping them achieve their dreams.

My wife Theresa and I raised five kids in Austin, Tx that we are very proud of, but when the youngest one flew the nest, so did we. We sold everything we owned, houses, businesses, furniture, and even the china and started a new adventure on our own. Years later we landed in Salado where we couldn’t wait to get involved in our community and church.

It is my desire to help you achieve your dreams of home ownership in this country of Texas we love so much.